Three ways of getting business funding within 36 hours

Although it might have been unheard of 25 years ago when everything was done through a brick-and-mortar store and more than likely a loans officer who wore a tie and suit, it’s not uncommon today to get small business funding in as little as 36 hours thanks to technology and some other factors. That said, here’s a few ways of getting business funding that quickly for today’s entrepreneur.

  • You more than likely already saw this coming, but the first way to speed up the business funding process we found that worked the best was to apply online. As everyone knows, most small business operators are on tight deadlines for everything they do and this is a great way to get some extra funding if you’re a startup or looking to take your existing enterprise to the next level.
  • Having your credit in good order can speed up your business funding to under 36 hours. It’s important here not to put the cart before the horse and if you can get your credit into the best shape possible before for you start applying, that’s less likely to be an area that can hold you back.
  • Just like having your credit in the best shape possible, it’s also important to have all the other business documentation you’ll need on hand so the process runs smoothly right from the beginning. Keep in mind here, the more  financial statements you have at the ready,  the quicker the approval process speeds along.

Getting business funding within 36 hours was unheard of in the brick-and-mortar days but now it’s a reality with just a little preplanning and expert advice.