Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable Fast Cash prides itself on being able to facilitate both short term and long term funding for our clients. We supply expert advice for everything from a merchant cash advance to secured loans, business lines of credit and a variety of options in between.

Our funding specialists can help you to get the funding you need. There are several options such as those based on your current sales receipts. A small agreed upon percentage of your future income will be deducted from your ongoing / future receipts for payback in this case, but we are flexible and involved with a variety of funding solutions.

Please make sure to immediately submit any information you might have omitted from the 1-page application and quickly fax your bank statements to your funding specialist. Also, provide all documentation explaining any items that may create a questionable credit report.

Pricing is based on the amount of the small business funding you get, the estimated time of distribution, and various other integral details of the methods we use to help you.

It is not necessary for you to have good credit in order to receive small business funding or help with any other type of small business financial aid. A poor credit rating, including delinquencies, will not normally influence these products.

In some instances, the process is as fast as 72 hours! However, if relevant documents are missing or are difficult to obtain, the process can take as long as two weeks or more.

Yes! Our services incorporate a variety of financial experts that can advise you on the best practices for credit repair. Remember, we have the expertise available to help you get the small business funding you need.