A good marketing plan helps land small business funding: Here’s how.

You need to have a well thought out marketing plan to get small business funding. It’s important to back one of these plans up with the right research and figures so that it’s a rock solid testament to the fact you know exactly where your company wants to go. Although there are several different templates […]

Here’s what goes into a good business plan for small business funding

If you are looking to get business funding, it is probably no secret that you need a good business plan to get things started. These documents are the strategy and direction you want your enterprise to take. If you’re looking to get a loan for business for your startup or established company, incorporating  business plans […]

Great tips for delegating work so you can use business funding effectively

Even after you’ve got the right kind of business funding that suits you and your enterprise is  up on its feet and running, there are other problems you can encounter including delegating an increasing workload. There’s a lot at stake in making sure you get the balance right here because you don’t want your limitations […]

Great tips for adopting an innovative business mindset

If there is one word that can help your company buttress up against the waves of volatility and uncertainty rocking today’s markets and work well with small business funding , it’s innovation. The big question for startups and established businesses alike is how to get started and adopt a mindset from the corner office to […]

Three great ways to recession proof your business

If you’re involved with a small business in the United States, you’re in esteemed company. Statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration show if you’re looking at getting small business funding, you belong to a group that’s a solid underpinning of the American economy. There are 28 million small businesses in the United States that […]

Tweak your business finances and sail to profits

Getting control of your business finances is like making sure you have a solid rudder on your ship as it travels through what can be stormy business waters. In today’s turbulent markets, it’s hard to tell what’s on the horizon and which adjustments you’ll need to make financially to keep your ship upright as you […]