4 great ways to elevate your personal credit fast

Here’s an interesting fact. A survey that was done in 2014 found that people were more ashamed to admit to a low personal credit score than their weight.  Sure, everyone who is  overweight knows that diet and exercise are the ways to lose those pounds. However, did you know there’s a crash diet of sorts to fix your personal credit score quickly?

That said, here’s 4 great ways to elevate your credit fast.

Check those card limits

Mistakes happen. You should always stay on top of the credit limits as they’re documented in your credit reports. Sometimes card issuers can bump up a limit but it doesn’t filter to your credit reports right away. That makes it look like you’re maxing out those cards when you’re not. If that’s the case, you’ll need to put in a request to have the numbers changed.

Look for other errors

No one is perfect. Mistakes happen on your personal credit score. Catching them and having them all corrected can make a big difference to elevating your overall numbers. TransUnion even has a way you can dispute these errors online.  Equifax, and Experian have made the process easy with the same online quick fixes.

Get some credit cards

One of the best ways to elevate your personal credit score is get a credit card. Of course you ‘ll need to be responsible with it. That means paying your bills on time, staying within your limits and making more than the minimum payments on balances due.

Raise your limits

Once you’ve had a credit card for a while, you can raise the initial limits. Keep in mind that you’re trying to elevate your personal credit quickly. That means you’ll need to be even more responsible with your new card. In many ways, the process is all about being responsible.